New FLX is exclusive to Flexischools users!

Teach your child to earn, save and spend their pocket money

FLX® prepaid Mastercard® and Savings App from Flexischools

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Your child will love the new FLX prepaid Mastercard and Savings App

FLX prepaid Mastercard and Savings App for Kids!

Learning financial responsibility is an important part of every child’s growing independence. But in today’s cash-free world, it’s getting hard to teach kids the power of earning and saving.

FLX comes with a prepaid Mastercard and a savings app specifically designed to help parents teach kids how to earn, save and spend their pocket money.

FLX can help you teach your child to save and nurture their savings, instilling helpful financial habits while they are rewarded with the satisfaction of buying things they really want.


Transfer funds to your child’s FLX Account straight from your Flexischools Parent Wallet – anywhere/anytime.


Help your child to make responsible spending decisions with a complete view of the FLX transaction history through your Flexischools App.


Support your child’s growing independence by providing freedom within boundaries (including no cash out).

Teach kids finance skills: earn, save and spend pocket money

Just imagine – your child’s fun FLX App will link with your existing Flexischools Account and App so you can easily keep track of your child’s spending and top up straight from your Flexischools Account.

  • You can see all your child's transactions
  • Blocks inappropriate store types for kids' safety
  • Set regular pocket money contributions
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Parents retain control, while the child gains independence

Join parents at more than 1,000 schools across Australia who have ordered a FLX Mastercard for their child


Flexischools has been making life simpler for parents of school-aged kids for over a decade.

Peace of mind

Transfers funds instantly from your Flexischools Parent Wallet, monitor purchases and provide safety with age-appropriate merchant restrictions.


Your kids can enjoy independence and freedom within boundaries and in the process, learn about budgeting and other important concepts.

Kids: choose a card design to fit your personality!


Get $5 on your Flexischools Parent Wallet for each new FLX Card activated* (for a limited time only)

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Secure app for parents, card for kids

Why choose FLX for your child?

  • Easy and convenient prepaid Mastercard for your child to use
  • Wide acceptance through Mastercard network
  • Top up a FLX Account any time from your existing Flexischools Parent Wallet
  • Make pocket money deposits instantly or to a schedule
  • See your child’s funds and goals so you can encourage them to save
  • Check where your child has shopped to make sure it's appropriate/safe
  • Easy and secure access to funds in a cash-free world
  • Pay with contactless Apple Pay
  • 24/7 Fraud monitoring

Parents: teach your child sound financial habits with security and safety

  • FLX is simply added to your Flexischools Account
  • Instantly transfer funds from your existing Flexischools Parent Wallet
  • Set up regular transfers to pay for pocket money and help with savings goals
  • Monitor spending from your Flexischools Account
  • Discuss budgeting and other important financial concepts with your child
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Top up pocket money from your Flexischools account

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Support your child’s growing independence and financial education

Your kids learn independence – they manage their own money and reach their goals!

  • Use the FLX App to plan, earn and save pocket money
  • Uses FLX prepaid Mastercard to spend on the things that your child really wants or needs
  • Works as a normal pre-paid debit card with some extra safety features (such as restrictions on spending at certain merchants, and no cash-out facility). FLX is not a credit card – kids can only used preloaded funds.

FLX subscription pricing and features

FLX subscription costs $2.50 per month (monthly) or $25 (annually, saving $5)

Key features included in FLX subscription

  • FLX is partnered with your existing Flexischools Account and App
  • New FLX App just for kids to encourage saving
  • Personalised FLX prepaid Mastercard
  • Transfer money directly from Flexischools Parent Wallet
  • Automatic scheduled and instant pocket money transfers
  • Lock, unlock and replace FLX Card from the apps
  • Age-inappropriate merchants restricted
  • Spend notifications and history
  • PIN Protected access

Trust and assurance from Flexischools

  • Cancel anytime
  • Mastercard® security features
  • Restrictions on certain merchant categories and no cash out
  • Supported by Flexischools customer support team

FLX subscription fee per FLX Account (including GST):

  • Monthly $2.50
  • Annual $25 (save $5)

Additional fees

  • Foreign exchange fee on non $AU transactions 2.99% (plus GST)
  • Unsuccessful disputed transactions may incur an $11 fee
  • Replacement cards are issued for $0
    A $10.00 administration fee may be payable if you order an unreasonable number of replacement cards each year. Flexischools will notify you in advance if this administration fee is to apply.
  • The normal Flexischools surcharges will apply for Flexischools Parent Wallet top ups.

Flexischools Parents: get started with FLX in 2 minutes

Registering for FLX is a simple process for existing Flexischools customers.


Simply log in to your Flexischools Account to apply for your child’s FLX Account.


Download the FLX App to your child's device so they can manage their money including checking their FLX Spend and FLX Save balances.


Activate your child’s FLX Card when it arrives.

FLX: Supporting your child’s growing independence and financial education at the same time as providing you the peace of mind you need

Download the app

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*$5 credit will be applied to the Flexischools Parent Wallet after a FLX Card is activated (max 5 FLX Cards). Offer valid to either 31.1.22, or the first 10,000 FLX Cards activated, whichever comes first.

Any advice we provide is general in nature and does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. You should consider the relevant PDS and TMD documents, as well as the FLX Terms and Conditions of Use, available at before acting on any advice we provide, and deciding if FLX is right for you. The FLX Services & Flexischools are provided by InLoop Pty Ltd ABN 27 114 508 771 AFSL 471558 (trading as Flexischools). The FLX Prepaid Mastercard is issued by EML Payment Solutions Limited ABN 30 131 436 532 AFSL 404131 pursuant to license by Mastercard Asia/Pacific Pte. Ltd. Mastercard the circles design and Tap & go™ are registered trademarks of Mastercard International Incorporated. Apple, the Apple logo, Apple Pay, Apple Watch, Face ID and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.